June 8, 2001

This is for all my friends at my school that I'm going to miss over the summer:

Drew: A loser, just like me, and a fellow geek, someone I could talk to about computer stuff.

Jared: The first friend that I made at the school, and probably one of my best friends.

Chris: My other best friend, he's always been there for me whenever I was feeling down. (Isn't that right, Drake? I may have stolen your son's 3rd heart, but I'm still your clone!)

Trevor: He gave me confidence and complimented a lot on my work, a true friend. (Thanks for calling me a "good person". Whenever I try to pick up chicks, I'll have to tell them you said that. J/K.)

Tyler: He made a lot of bad jokes and sung Beatles songs with me. Road Trip, man!

Sarah Parker: An in general nice person, and probably the only girl at our school that's into computers. (By the way, you have really bad taste in movies. I mean, the Animal? That's got to be the stupidest movie ever.)

Brittany: I'm sorry I didn't get talk to you more during the school year, you seem like a nice person! Oh well, there's always next year.

Michelle: I'd just like to say thanks for being a good friend whenever I felt down. I hope you have fun in high school!

Mike: Hey Mikey! What can I say other than... uh... spank.

Dane: Cool person to hang out with. Remember Dane, one cannot try to be the pimp, one must be the pimp.

Andrew: He didn't beat the crap out of me, so I thank him for that.

Miles: Probably the only tolerable kid in Team 4 (for all those who are not aware, Team 4 is the classroom in my school for all the little kids).

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