The first public demo of Spork III is out! Get it now by clicking here!


Now that I'm back from camp, I was able to finish the first two levels. I also uploaded the website today.


The tilesets for the first two levels have been completed, and I'm working hard on making the pictures that will accompany the little strands of dialogue. In other news, I've finally gotten around to finishing the site, and will hopefully have it up and running soon. (If anyone knows of a good webspace provider, e-mail Me)


The first two levels of Spork III have been planned out, and I hope to complete them and put them in the demo soon.


A new set of sprites for Commander Keen have been created by me, which are supposed to look of a certain style that I picked up from sonic the hedge hog.


I've has finished writing a stupendous script defining exactly what will happen in the story. I have created a list of level names, locations, characters, and dialogue/monologue scenes that will occur inbetween levels. I will be leaving for camp soon, so I have to get as much as I can done before I have to go.